Originally appeared in The Warren Showcase.

Ellen Sherman-Zinn, an abstract expressionist artist and cover feature of September’s Warren Showcase has been a Warren resident since 1989. Her paintings abound with color and movement, and are the focal point of her Firethorn Court home which was designed around her beloved studio.

It is there, that her raw, creative energy and artistic talent collide with unpredictable and often enigmatic results.

Living in Warren with husband, Steven and daughter, Rachel, has greatly influenced her work. “When I walk my greyhound dogs each morning, I return inspired by the pervasive beauty of Warren’s rural environment.” Sherman-Zinn professes that the greenery and wildlife make her feel more unified with nature and that the spirituality and vibrant color infusing her art emerge from these surroundings.

Sherman-Zinn believes, most importantly, that originality is key to her work. She pulls form her imagination and subconscious to develop a unique identity or “feeling” for each piece. She likens the emotions of surprise and wonder that accompany a completed work of art to the miracle of giving birth. The artist also enjoys the challenge of continually reinventing and redefining the dynamics of her paintings.
Ellen Sherman-Zinn had three one-person shows locally in 1995. She is currently exhibiting at Continental Airlines Presidents Club in Newark. Her work will be exhibited at the Everheart Gallery in Basking Ridge this fall, and at the Palmyra Art Gallery in Bound Brook this winter. Sherman-Zinn’s works are also shown by appointment at her home.

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