“Post & Beam”, 60″ x 48″ Acrylic on canvas

Orinially appeared in The Andrews Journal.

by Annette Rawlings

I was happy to see so many artists and visitors at the opening of the Andrews Art Museum Saturday, Sept. 5.

Betleyoun from Georgia attended the opening. The beautiful scenes he painted of a road through the country, the streets of an old town and the fly fisherman were enchanting.

Mr. Neiman and his son from New York drove down to see this part of the country and attend the opening. Neiman is a featured artist.

Susan Livengood also attended the reception. Susan lives in North Carolina and her art reflects her surroundings in the use of her subjects and material, The art is rural, but abstract; an unusual combination.

We had a small group from Pennsylvania, they had found us over the internet as a museum worth seeing and also the building was an attraction.

A visiting artist from Brasstown attended and wants to be included in an exhibit in the spring.
I was happy to see Andrews Alderman Jim Bristol attend. I was able to show him all of the renovations the Valleytown Cultural Arts Center and completed.

Artists in our Main Salon include Samuelson from Florids. His art is inspired by music and this is a theme that runs through all of them. Color and texture are the tools used to accomplish these masterful paintings.

The photography of Delgado from New Mexico are incredibly beautiful and the colors magnificent. It is definately a must see.

The art of Cantonia from New York is free form, but pulled in as he develops magical forms with eyes.
Ellen Sherman-Zinn from New Jersey creates large masterful paintings exhibiting the use of bold colors and forms. They are a must see.

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