Emotion is the fuel of my creativity. This energy is derived from the content of my past and daily life. My abstract imagery is extracted from my subconscious and is then transposed onto the working surface. This process is similar to the writing of a novel. After the initial markings there is a continual editing and refinement. Forms are drawn, disassembled, scraped, and redrawn. They enlarge and shrink and shift their positions forward and back on the picture plane. They fray and crumble, flow and dissolve. The forms eventually reemerge and bridge new space. Finally the changing configurations set, and the composition is established.

I move line in and around the forms to emphasize edge and to increase depth. Line expresses the rhythm I experience as I paint. The lines often contrast sharply with my palette. It is through the element of color that I invite the viewer to participate.

Painting for me is a journey through time: a journey unique not only to the experience of each new canvas, but to the psychological link of one painting to the next.

There are beginnings, struggles, and losses along the way. Inevitably there is a time of arrival. The journey provides me not only with a feeling of completeness, but of renewal.